First network of care practitioners to provide full care for sexual and reproductive health

Our services are designed for and with healthcare experts.
We are here to support you with our tools, build customer loyalty and grow your business.

Customized dashboard

You can manage your profile page, your services at any point and benefit from our health to gain visibility for your services

Network of care experts

We facilitate the exchange and health you build connections with other experts, start new collaborations - we organize regular community calls for care experts

Extend your activity

By working with Ninti, you will extend your reach to corporate clients, test your activity in the corporate setting


Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to review the application?

Our care expert reviews applocation in 3 days maximum

How to subscribe to our platform as a care expert?

Just create your online account, share your certificates and our care expert will reach out in 3days maximum. You can also book a call to know more about Ninti and help us create your profile.

Can I have multiple services?

We designed our platform so you can experiment with different types of services and offers. You can always add a new service and pause the existing ones.

How do we choose the experts?

We curate our health care experts based on their experience, certificates and also reviews from companies and clients. We make sure that our care team share our values ans always bring patients at the core od service delivery.

Why choose Ninti?

Our goal is to help you extend your services to individuals and companies in France and abroad. We take care of technology while you can focus on deliving the best care possible.

How will I be paid?

After each booking, Ninti will transfer you the payment directly to your account

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